The Best Tools & Gadgets For Single Women In 2023

Being a single woman can be intimidating at times when it comes to certain scenarios that you may have relied on your partner for in the past. Deciding to take on this world alone was a little scary at first, but over time I’ve built the confidence in my abilities and realized I’m perfectly capable of handling things on my own, and so are you! Being single can be quite the empowering experience if you take the opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite tools and gadgets that have come in handy on this path of independence and freedom… I like to refer to it as the I Don’t Need No Man starter pack.

The Basic Tool Kit:

Whether you want to fix something, assemble a piece of furniture or hang a picture, having a basic tool kit is a necessity. As a single woman, you can be handy too! If you think you can’t because you don’t know how, the internet or YouTube can help you learn how to do almost anything. The key is the willingness to teach yourself. I’ve linked a great option here from Amazon. It has all the basics at a great price! Imagine how liberating it would feel to tackle projects on your own, learn new skills, and the most important part, not have to rely on anyone for help.

Gardening Wagon:

I bought myself one of these when I first embarked on the single life trail. I had certain friends, who shall remain nameless, that made fun of me for it, but this wagon of wonder has saved my ass on many occasions. You can use it for it’s intended purpose, gardening, or it’s perfect for bringing in groceries. It’s also great for moving heavy items! The best part is, it doesn’t complain when you ask it to carry something for you, and you can fold it up and shove it in a closet when you’re done with it without catching charges. Here’s the one I bought. I highly recommend!

Kitchen Helpers:

You might be wondering what could possibly be in this category and to be honest, only one is a necessity while the other two just make life easier. I can’t do without my jar opener. Laugh all you want, but I’ve literally smashed open a jar trying to tap on the lid with the handle of a butter knife. Does anyone else out there despise grating cheese? Well check this out! Not only does it grate cheese with a simple turn of the handle, it slices fruit and vegetables too! What a time saver in the prep department. This last thing I added because of the stereotype that the man always cuts or carves up the meat. Get yourself a nice knife set and a sharpener, that’s the big secret to slicing like testosterone aggressively courses through your veins. Plus, having a decent knife set just makes food prep so much smoother.

Step Ladder:

This one is not just for my fellow shorties out there. Having a step ladder like this one can be incredibly useful. Can’t reach that top shelf? Need to change a light bulb in a ceiling fixture? Feel like doing some painting? Wanna hang some curtains? Just think, you could accomplish any of those tasks on your own and build the confidence in your independence at the same time!

Car Emergency Kit:

I received a car emergency kit as a birthday present one year and the peace of mind it has brought me is priceless. I recommend getting one that has a portable air pump, trust me on this. I’ve had to use it and I was incredibly grateful I had it. I also keep a torque wrench in my vehicle. Did you know that after you’ve had your tires off for any reason the nuts should be retorqued after the first fifty kilometers? I’ve had them loosen on me and it’s scary. You can take your vehicle to a shop and have them retorqued as well if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. Another safety measure I highly recommend is having roadside assistance. It was something I invested in when I first became single and to me, it’s totally worth it.

Listen, I’m not over here trying to tell you that it’s easy being single and figuring out all this crap on your own, but I’m telling you it’s possible and all the things I listed will help you to help yourself. When I accomplish something I didn’t think I could do myself, it’s a powerful feeling. I want that for you and every woman out there. We are not the weaker sex. We don’t need to depend on anyone except ourselves. We don’t need no man!

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